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Staying in a big house with a good yard in the compound is a dream for most home owners. This however comes at a cost in terms of maintenance costs which involves clearing of the compound as often as possible so as to ensure high level tranquillity. In the above case a loan mower comes in handy and becomes such an indispensable asset to any potential home owner.

Handling a loan mower however is not such an enticing experience to any person. I mean who loves walking around the compound pushing a lifeless noise making machine. It is such a tedious exercise which consumes so much time. This therefore calls for convenience which can only be offered by a more advanced loan mower. A riding mower serves this purpose well. This kind of a mower is often designed in such a way that it reduces the time used in clearing a yard but it also reduces the amount of energy needed to do such kind of works. This kind also allows the user to effortlessly steer around the yard with so much convenience. The self-propelled one is a greater deal compared to the push propelled type more so if convenience is of greater consideration to the user of the mower.

The article below seeks to explain the importance of owning a mower for any house owner and not just a mower but a good and effective mower which is designed the purpose at hand. It will help the users chose the mowers that best suit their needs. A good riding mower varies in size, model and preference that’s why the article below conducts a detailed research whose aim is to help buyers make informed decisions regarding purchase of mowers of their choice.

The Reasons for Having a Riding Self-Propelled Mower

This first decision regarding which mower to own is to decide the size of the Mower that would serve the task at hand. One would choose between a small, medium and a big mower depending perhaps on the size of the yard and the intensity of the grass to be cleared. For people with a medium size lawn( around half an acre). A medium riding mower should be a must have gadget. This is because pushing a mower over such a huge area would be too much if Excellency is expected to be achieved on a timely basis. Furthermore riding in the lawn by any owner is such a beautiful experience as the owner gets a chance to enjoy the view of their lawn.

A riding mower is also better for a big lawn even those that have knolls and inclines. If the lawn has intricate flower beds characterized with steeper drops then in that case a push or an electric model  is best suited to handle such a task given such kind of an environment. However such a move would require more energy and effort needed to move around such an environment. Another important aspect of this kind of a mower is that it heavy enough to manoeuvre through the turf grass and clear any form of bushes that have proved to be a hard nut to crack.

Suitability of the Riding Mower

Because of the many varieties of mowers available, it becomes such a herculean task to choose the most suitable mower for the prevailing needs of the user. Therefore when sourcing for the best mower the following represent the most critical considerations which one needs to put into consideration:brand.price,features and the other specifications that are often  given by the dealer. This however in some situations but not all which call for other considerations. Such as the type and size of land the expectations of the owner of the lawn. For instance if the lawn is a small lawn the price or features considerations would be the most relevant parameters to evaluate before any purchase is made by the buyer. However if the lawn contains more grass, is sloppy and rocky, then one should into account the layout of the lawn under so as to ensure the most suitable mower that fits the deal is bought to carry out the task on the  hand more conveniently.



First establish the specific size of the lawn so as to know the size of the cutting path and the mowing deck that would be perfect for you.For a land size that is about 0.5 of an acre, a 40-inch mowing deck would be ideal for such a land. However for a land size that is about 3 acres in size a 40-48 inch path is the most suited type of a path. Any land bigger than that would require more than 48 inches of a path. In a nut shell, the bigger the mowing deck the bigger should be the vehicle. Regular rides are needed for smaller-medium sized lawns while the large lawns would require bigger tractors for them to work efficiently and on a timely basis.


A fast moving mower is the best bet when it comes to time management though it may not be most suitable for the grass since a good cut requires slow movement which is cautious and efficient.

The gear driven manual driven mowers offer a constant and a steady speed during the cutting of the steam grass. Like a Motor vehicle, the tractors that have automatic transmission usually have a pedal for gas and brake system which is good for slowing down when one intends to make some turns or to cut some close knit flower beds.


There are different types of engines which helps one determine the power needed as well as the balance and the longevity of your machine. The single cylinder engines are quite fine for the small lawns while the twin engine with a 16 horsepower provide a very good balance and power which in retrospect result in a very smooth and fine cut. The smooth running of the machine improves its life span.


It is very important to figure out how important handling is by taking such a good look at the prevailing layout of the lawn to be worked on. This is because these tractors can be rear-driven. Front-driven or zero-turn handling .Again these lawn tractors have very high and tight turning radius which ensure good cuts are executed.

If the user has got some obstacles around the yard, a tractor which can easily make swift turns is the most desirable. The smaller the turning radius, the better it is to make the tight turns. A zero turn radius kind of a mower is ideal; however it is priced quite highly compared to the conventional mowers.


Being comfortable is very essential  for any lawn mower user. However these comfortable mowers are quite costly and thus will require anyone to dig deep into their pockets to afford them. These type of mowers are fitted with special features such as the cruise control for easy navigation. They also offer better control and balance features which ensure their efficiency.

Saving some money for a mower is a worth investment to undertake by any home owner. The top quality ones such as the Snapper, Poulan,Toro and craftsman do not come by cheaply because of their sophisticated nature and ease of usage. It is however worth noting that the features of the mower are the most reliable relevant features but not the looks of the mower.



Due to the challenge of choosing the most effective mower, Tigers have manufactured quite an excellent mower which is steel decked and petrol powered which ensure its performance is beyond reproach. This model is however modelled for the medium sized lawns.

The first thing to note about it which lacks among its major competitors is the inclusion of the Briggs and the Stratton 625e ready to start engine which enables it to start every time when required to dos so.Furthermore this engine contains a lower cc compared to its predecessors which enables it to produce a higher torque output which translates to high efficiency and thus guarantees better cut. The good thing about it is also the fact that it can be modelled into a single lever driven to a multi stage cutting deck.atahis makes the machine thrive on the fresh weekly cuts and makes the work easy.
The above features make the Tiger a fantastic choice for any Gardner whose aim is to have a neatly kept lawn. It thus offers the value for the money of the buyer.

HUSQVARNA 960430211 YTA1854218.5HP

This machine uses very little effort and thus a favorite for those seeking to use least effort. This mower comes with an automation transmission which offers some ease while riding it.It also requires very minimal maintenance. To add on that, the machine is so compact which makes it easy for it to fir even in the small spaces within the lawn? Its air induction technology has been optimized to allow free air flow which enhances its performance. It is also fixed with blades which gives one a perfect the grass cutting at each spin of the blade which makes its usage seamless without much effort .This model come with some dive controls which provide more freedom during the usage of the mower. They include

-Headlights which provide light for one to work at night with less hassle
-Comfortable seats which ensure the user enjoys the experience
-An hour meter which reminds the userof when to service the machine
-Some easy mounting and dismounting with some steps through the chassis
-It is very easy to clean and comes along with washing ports which can be connected to water pipes

Some of the disadvantages of the machine include:

-The pedal requires so much pressure which makes tiring to use
-The seat comes with less cushioning which is tough to use
-The plastic material isn’t durable for long which makes it necessary to regularly replace which is expensive to do.

That does not warrant its dismissal however because the machine is strong and gets job done swiftly and on a timely manner. Again its suitable for the small and medium yards but one may need some resting time due to the much need energy during force application. If one aim is to get the job done well then this is the machine to go for.


This tractor comes with a single engine on its back side. It also comes with a six speed manual transmission which provides a vast array of different speed options. The machine also contains five adjustable settings to the already existing 30 inch mowing deck. This model is however cheaper compared to the other models.

There are however some cons associated with this type of  a machine. One is the fact that the mower is not as powerful as the others in this category. It also has a small cutting advantage and thus good for small sized lawns. The wheels are often 13.5 inches in the back while the machine turn radius is only 18 inches which is so small for big lawns which confirms its suitability for the small lawns which require less effort to clear.

McCulloch M46-125WR Petrol Wheeled Rotary

The features that make this mower the best in the category that it belongs to is the fact that this mower gives an easy to use experience which ensures quality work is done on a record time. The machine can collect, mulch and discharge all the grass at ease.

The handles of this machine are ergonomically designed  so as to make the user experience as seamless as possible. Particularly, the machine is fitted with some rubber pads which are so easy to control. These pads also encompassed by ball bearings which makes its usage smooth and worth remembering for the user of the mower. It is also somehow heavy at 32Kg which requires it to be easy in maneuverability. The quality of the mower is also so impressive  which ensure that the user enjoys its company for quite some time before any form of weakness is witnessed by the user. Even amidst breakage the manufacturer has made the mower in such a way that its hinges can be can be replaced and stored easily.

It Is also worth noting that the mower comes with a cutting width of about 46cm which is indeed adequate more so if the user seeks to do some extensive job with the mower. However beside the above features it also has well suited rear wheels which make it easy for the machine to maneuverability even during the tough times and environments.

This is indeed one of the most effective lawn mowers when it comes to clearing large lawns of land since it has some wide diameter coverage and thus insignificant to large lawn owners. The other reason that puts this mower as a must have asset is the fact that it need not be connected to electricity during its usage as is the case with the other electric mowers.


One cannot talk about manufacture of farm equipment’s without mentioning the input of  Troy-Bilt. This new 30 inch monster is so powerful and offers such a sturdy ride like the highly powered a 382cc power more OHV engine. Its six speed transmission gives the rider more control during the ride and enables them control the speed at which the mower operates. It has also been built to withstand harsh conditions and increase its durability.

The machine is equipped with some compact cutting decks which enables it to reach even in the areas that the normal mowers cannot get to. The machines small size also makes it easier to store for the user. The machines blade can be adjusted up to five levels of heights and be fitted with some manual power take offs which engages the blades easily. This mower delivers beyond the expectation of the user due to some pros such as:

-The mid back seat being comfortable enough for the user
-Its compact size which makes its storage very easy as well as its navigation
-The wide wheels have high durability which enables the machine to last long enough to serve the intended purpose
-The fuel tank of the machine also has a capacity which enables large chunks of land be mowed and in a record time
-The steering is also fitted with some soft grip wheels

The mower however does not suck up the leaves or flowers that are so prevalent during mowing. The sitting position has to be readjusted oftenly due to the different sizes of the user who may need the service of the mower.


The above model is very unique because it comes with similar sturdy chassis which are often used for the higher models of mowers. In that case one can expect some good strength as well as durability which of course come with comfort as an addition. Its 18 HP Koehler engine is usually built to last while its tuff foot control aspect makes it have such an easy ride. The above engine also has a single cylinder engine which can however be modified to include the XT2 twin cylinder should there be a need to do so.Nevertheless this machine is powerful enough to get whatever kind of a task seem very easy. It allows the use to mow backwards which in retrospect saves a lot of time needed for turning. With this is also possible to adjust the cutting deck height very slowly by use of the handle at the back with so much ease. Reverse levers are also unnecessary in this case since there is a separate pedal for controlling it.

The most prevalent pros of the machine are:

-Its blades can always be engaged even if the machine is moving backwards
-It works quite well even in a situation where the yards have uneven grass
-Its turning radius is small which makes it easyfor the mower to move around at ease

However beside the admirable features, its plastic made nature makes it less durable while it also lacks some features belonging to some of the tip models. This however does not make it less desirable as it remains the very good more so when dealing with medium sized lawns.

There are still very many quality mowers which would work excellently to ensure a very enviable result such as the.

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